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Advisor Growth Forum

Simplicity’s monthly Advisor Growth Forum provides an inside-look into the sales, marketing, and operational strategies that have helped financial advisors and agents across the nation create compounding growth year-after-year.

Advanced Sales Training

This in-person event is designed for financial professionals looking to improve their overall sales proficiency. From lead generation to closing new clients, Advanced Sales Training will teach how to harness the power of a proven end-to-end sales experience, shift prospects’ mindsets from performance to income protection, establish strong connections with new clients to receive more referrals, and ultimately embrace a complete sales process that will drive success.

*The average AST attendee grew production by 64% from 2020 to 2021.

Simplicity University

Simplicity University is a virtual event series that helps advisors stay informed on the latest developments in the life insurance and annuity business by providing field-tested sales and marketing strategies plus updated product information from the nation’s top carriers. Each virtual event provides unique value in the form of sales scripts, execution steps, production strategies, and more.

Wealth Forum

This virtual event series explores how a Simplicity Wealth partnership can help growth-minded advisors solve investors’ biggest challenges by delivering distinctive value and simplified investment management.