Our Approach

Our unique approach to the non-qualified executive benefit process is what has set our firm apart in the eyes of our clients and in the industry. We are able to bring leading-edge talent to consulting engagements, as well as creative cutting-edge executive benefit solutions that are constantly evolving.

Our consultants take the care to analyze the overall needs and objectives of clients in the area of supplemental benefit planning, taking into the account the current regulatory framework applicable to this area. We are careful to staff our engagements with consultants that have the appropriate skill sets and experience in order that the best alternative may be arrived at, which may include doing nothing at all.

Our firm provides expert supplemental benefit consulting services which include the consulting process, a quantifiable measure of current and projected benefits based on industry benchmarks, and an analysis of alternatives that are available. We have a large number of strategic partners in this area that we and our clients can rely on, and they can fully round out the skill sets that are needed to develop and design the most effective supplemental benefit solution for our clients.