About The Company

Keystone Benefit Group and its predecessor organization were founded in Atlanta, Georgia on the premise that providing a quality turnkey approach to the non-qualified executive benefit process should be both available and affordable. Over 200 tax-exempt organizations and 5,000 highly compensated employees have benefited from the creativity, expertise and comprehensive administrative resources that our consultants and staff provide.

Keystone Benefit Group has provided leading edge Executive Benefit Consulting Services primarily to highly compensated executives, employees and physicians of tax-exempt organizations. With a complement of consultants with financial, actuarial and legal backgrounds, we provide a turn-key approach to enhancing the compensation and retirement plans for our clients.

We believe that all of the different tasks required to be provided in the non-qualified executive benefit process should be able to be provided in a unified approach from one firm together with its strategic partners. The breadth of experience that our consultants and staff have has allowed our organization to become a market leader in this niche area of employee benefits.